Guide to Choosing an AAV serotype

In general, the best way to determine which AAV serotype is best for your project is by experimenting. To that end, the MGH Vector Core Facility offers GFP-expressing AAV2-derivatives in serotypes 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 and rh10, available to researchers as aliquots at low cost. To request an aliquot of a specific AAV serotype, please place a service request.

For in vitro applications, AAV2 is the most broadly-expressing serotype, but we strongly recommend beginning with a literature search. For in vivo applications, a general guide to the serotype tropism for various tissues is listed below.

Tissue Recommended serotype
Heart AAV8, AAV9
Lung AAV4
Liver AAV9
Brain AAV2, AAV9
Kidney AAV2, AAV9
Testes AAV2, AAV9
Muscle AAV2, AAV9
Eye AAV1, AAV5
Pancreas AAV2, AAV5

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